Pat Allen – Top Agent Magazine

pat-allen-1Pat Allen’s passion for the real estate industry is palpable. “We have a wonderful team, and that’s what it is all about,” she explains. She has been able to grow to tremendous heights partly because of her hand-picked group of brokers. Just three years ago, it was Pat and her daughter on the team, but now it is a group of eight. Pat’s natural business acumen derives from many years of running a bed and breakfast with her husband. In fact, it was the bed and breakfast that prompted Pat to start a career in real estate. “At least half of our guests were looking for property in Highlands, so I got involved with them that way,” she says. With a love of homes already established, it was easy for Pat to transition into the real estate world. She and her team, the Pat Allen Realty Group, have become well-known in the great Highlands, North Carolina area. Pat was named the top selling broker in Highlands in 2016, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

It is Pat’s dedication, hard work, and hands-on approach that has helped her stand out in this industry. “I’m a problem solver and have strong negotiation skills. I price properties for market value and don’t bulk up prices just to have a listing,” she explains. “My days on the market are shorter because of that.” Her listings also sell faster because she gives her clients tips on how to present their home. “I go in and give suggestions immediately,” she says. “I even help them move some things around if it’s going to make the house show better.” And for her buyers, she is focused on matching them with the perfect property for their needs. “My goal is to match the right buyer with the right property,” she explains. “It’s like a puzzle piece to me. I am very aware of what’s on the market.”

Many of Pat’s clients come from referrals, as everyone who works with her leaves happy. She makes herself constantly available, even on weekends, as she takes her clients and their time very seriously. “Anything I’m involved in, I give it 100%,” she says. This superior service results in many 5-star reviews. In addition to Pat’s commitment to real estate, she also makes time for the community. She writes for the local newspaper’s real estate column, is a Rotarian, and is on the board of the local Humane Society, and supports many charities and fundraisers in the area. “I do believe in giving back,” she explains, “I’ve been very blessed with this profession and what it’s brought to me. I’m one that shares.”

In her free-time, she also loves to cook, and is quite talented at it. Culinary trained, she won the student of excellence award from the National Restaurant Association in 1994, and apprenticed under Chef Tell Erhardt, a pioneering chef in the television world. Pat also spent one month working with Paula Deen at the Lady and Sons Restaurant in 1994, and worked as a food critic in Macon, Georgia before moving to Highlands. While she was running the inn with her husband, she had a cooking school which was recognized by Southern Living Magazine and her granola was voted the best of all bed and breakfasts in the country. Today, she remains active in the cooking community and has a cookbook called Mouth of the South. When looking towards the future, Pat pictures herself helping more brokers establish their careers. And as she continues to expand her business, she never loses sight of why she loves this industry so much: “I get to meet people from all walks of life. That’s the best part.”

The Pat Allen Realty Group will be sponsoring the Food and Wine
Festival in Highlands, North Carolina,
November 10-13.